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Country Coach Magna

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Motor Home Specialist offers Used Country Coach Magna RVs for sale. The Country Coach Magna RV was first made available in 1992 and was still in production in 2009. 

In 1995 the Country Coach Intrigue RV was available in 3 different floor plans with two engine options. They were the 34’ Country Coach Magna, the 36’ Country Coach Magna and the 38’ Country Coach Magna. Each available floor plan was offered in either a 250HP or 300HP diesel engine and had a MSRP of approximately $275,000 depending on the floor plan.

In 1996 the Country Coach Magna offered only two floor plans, the Country Coach Magna RV 36’ & 38’ models. The engine, however, was now either a 300 HP Cummins or 330HP Detroit. 

The 1998 Country Coach Magna was available for the first time with a slide-out floor plan. The average MSRP at this time was about $300,000 for a new Country Coach Magna RV.

Later, in 2001, the Country Coach Magna got its first double slide-out floor plan. The 385HP engine option was now available on the 2001 Country Coach Magna luxury diesel. The average MSRP for a 2001 Country Coach Magna double slide was approximately $384,000. 

The 2002 Country Coach Magna RV produced the first 42’ tag axel Magna RV and by 2003 Country Coach RVs offered the Magna RV in only double slide-out floor plans with either the 425 HP or 505 HP engine. The average price of a Country Coach Magna motor home by this time was about $425,000 to $450,000.

In 2004 the Country Coach Magna was elevated in status and price to offer only a 515 HP engine and only double and triple slide floor plans. The 2004 Country Coach Magna also had a Bob Lee Anniversary Edition that featured custom paint and interior features. 

The 2005 Country Coach Magna RV was the first year it was available in a quad slide and a 45’ floor plan. Most all of the 2005 Country Coach Magna motor homes were tag axle chassis coaches. The Country Coach Magna, by this time, has an estimated MSRP of  close to $600,000.

By 2006 the Country Coach Magna RV was offered in only 3 floor plans with either a 525HP or 600HP diesel option. All three floor plans were either quad or triple slides with a 45’ Country Coach Magna Rembrandt full wall triple floor plan as the flagship Country Coach Magna of that year. Average MSRP for a Country Coach Magna Rembrandt reached over $680,000. 

In 2007 the Country Coach Magna RV line had grown to offer 18 different floor plan and engine variations.

The 2008 Country Coach Magna 630 Series offered an incredible 30 different engine and floor plan variations. The Country Coach Magna, by this time, had reached MSRPs eclipsing the $725,000 range.

Motor Home Specialist is proud to have sold countless used Country Coach RVs through the years. We have found used Country Coach RVs to both hold up exceptionally well from a condition standpoint and good customer demand for the product considering the exclusiveness of the price point of a used Country Coach RV. The Country Coach Magna motor home remains one of the most popular models from Country Coach RVs. To view our current used Country Coach RVs please click the yellow RVs for Sale button located near the top left corner of the page or feel free to call one of our sales representatives today. 

Our website is updated daily, but you never know what used Country Coach Magna motor home may have just come in or may be arriving soon.

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