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For some, life on the road isn't about a retired couple enjoying their golden years. Instead, it's a time for the family to enjoy an adventure for a weekend, a month, or maybe even the whole summer. For those that like to take the entire family when they travel, you should consider a bunk model RV.

Create New Family Memories in Bunk Model RVs

When it comes to selecting a motorhome, space is always a consideration. Too large and the RV may be difficult to handle, too small and you have to leave too much behind at home. The same is true with sleeping arrangements as smaller RVs can often only accommodate two or maybe four people. That's where bunk model RVs come in.

Bunk model RVs can sleep up to nine people, and perhaps more if you get really creative, while not skimping on living space. Bunk models, also known as Bunk House RVs, can have bunk beds or even drop down bunks called Salon Bunks. These are currently available in the Coachmen Mirada Select, Coachmen Cross Country and Foretravel Realm FS6.

Bunk model RVs typically come in four different options. These options depend on the model and size of the RV. These options include a drop down single bunk in the cab over, the normal stacked bunk beds, the Salon Bunks and a stationary single bunk. These options allow you to select the one that meets your needs and space requirements when it comes to sleeping accommodations. They are also available in all three of the most popular types of motorized RVs. Class A RVs, Class C RVs and Diesel Pusher RVs. as well as the fifth wheel RVs and travel trailer RVs.

Having said that, bunk model RVs are not just for sleeping. They also offer all of the other amenities that come with all RVs. These amenities can include 2 full bathrooms, bath & 1/2 RVs, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, outdoor lighting, and kitchens to make even the most ardent foodies' heart go pitter patter.

As there are so many bunk model RVs, the choices are almost unlimited. From toy haulers that allow you to bring all your big boy, and girl, toys with you to luxury RVs that permit you to ride in style and comfort no matter where you may decide to go, there is a bunk model RV with your name on it.

Just a few of the wonderful bunk model RVs include the following: 

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When you're ready to purchase a bunk model RV, don't become overwhelmed with the options. We can walk you through which models best fit your needs and personal situation. Our team of professionals can help explain all of the benefits of each bunk model RV and make your decision easy, so give us a call today. There's no time like right now to buy your very own bunk model RV. We can't wait to hear from you. 800-335-6054.

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