Sell Your RV

Offering the Industry's Premier Location & Consignment Program to You!

What makes Motor Home Specialist's consignment program so much better?

Unrivaled Advertising

Be a part of MHSRV's annual advertising campaign

Your motor home may now benefit from being a part of MHSRV's annual advertising campaign that includes:

  • Multi-Million Dollar Online PPC Campaign (Google, Ad Words, etc.)
  • Listing on (approximately 6.1 Million Visits Per Year.)
  • Additional Online Listings on 12 Major Classified Websites.
  • MHSRV's YouTube Channel (Over 32 Million Views & Counting.)
  • MHSRV Facebook & Social Media Campaigns.
  • Campground Guides & Various Publications.
  • Billboards & More!

Premier Location

for Out-of-State & Local Buyers

Motor Home Specialist has been the top selling motor home dealership in North America every year since 2013. We sell approximately 40% off all new motor homes in Texas and we are centrally located making us a short flight and easy drive home from most anywhere in the United States.

  • Over 150 Acres.
  • Centrally Located
  • One of the Largest Covered Frontages in North America.
  • 2 Huge Digital Billboards with Video Capability.
  • Brand Specific Signage.
  • Impeccably Kept Grounds & Landscaping.
  • On-Site Restaurant
  • On-Site Campground
  • Located on a Major Highway Just Minutes South of Dallas and Fort Worth.
  • Our Beautiful 2,400 sq. ft. American Flag Can Be Seen for Miles!

Superior Lending

Capabilities Over Consignment Only Dealers

Motor Home Specialist sells approximately 2,500 RVs per year! This means we have the finest lenders in the industry available offering up to 20 yr. terms on most motor homes. Consignment only dealers can only provide 12 year terms in most cases. Our Superior rates & terms will help make your RV more affordable to more people.

  • Up to 20 Year Terms Available (w.a.c.)
  • Several Major Lenders
  • Same Day Financing in Many Cases
  • Fast, Easy & On-Site Closings Make Doing Business at MHSRV the Preferred Choice of RV Buyers.

Superior Trade-In

Capabilities Over Consignment Only Dealers

Unlike consignment only dealers, Motor Home Specialist is not dependent on other rival dealers to pay for the trades-ins or appraise their value. We have $150,000,000 floor plan and our management team incorporates more than 50 years experience when it comes to appraising RV values. This gives you a far better chance of selling your RV for top dollar when a trade-in is involved.

  • $150,000,000 Floor Plan Available.
  • On-Site & On-Line Appraisals Available.
  • Over 50 Years Combined RV Appraisal Experience.


Safe & Secure Place for your RV 24/7

You can rest easy knowing Motor Home Specialist is doing all we can to provide a safe & secure place for your RV 24/7. The entire facility is gated and extremely well lit. We employ 3 on-site residents who live here at MHS as well as an afterhours security guard that patrols the entire facility along with the help of the Alvarado Police Department.

  • 3 On-Site Residents.
  • After Hours Security.
  • Police Patrolled.
  • The Entire Facility is Fenced & Well Lit.


In High-End Motor Homes Sales & Service

MHSRV employs a highly specialized sales and support staff familiar with motor home sales in particular. We offer the largest and most diverse selection of motor homes anywhere in the world with prices ranging from about $50,000 to over $2 Million. This unparalleled inventory helps to bring more qualified buyers to your motor home every day. Every RV here is just one more reason that a potential buyer would want to come here and shop. More shoppers means more chances that your RV will been seen & sold quickly!

  • Highly Trained Motor Home Sales & Service Staff.
  • More Qualified Buyers.
  • Diverse Selection Brings More Potential Buyers to Your RV!


MHSRV Provides all of This... FOR LESS!

$500 Fee & 8% At Time of Sale!*

That's It!

While other consignment dealers charge 10% or worse yet try to "flat-rate" sell your unit, MHSRV does more for less. We know at the end of the day what matters most is how much you put back in your pocket. Charging less to sell your RV allows you to ask less for your RV. This gives you the best chance to sell the unit quick. The $500.00 upfront registration allows us to provide not only quality photography and far more advertising than anywhere else, but keeps your unit plugged up to 50 amp service for the 90 day consignment period. This helps keep the batteries charged and allows for better sales demonstrations.

$500.00 Registration at Time of Consignment Includes:

  • Professional Photography.
  • Coach Check-in.
  • Write the Ad for Your Motor Home
  • 50 Amp Service (Free for 90 Day Consignment Period.)

8% Consignment Fee* at Time of Sale Includes:

  • Exterior Wash & Tire Shine.
  • Safety Check
  • 1hr. Coach Orientation W/New Owner.
  • 1 Night Stay in our RV Park for Your Customer.
  • Airport Shuttle for You & Your Customer.

*8% of Sale Price or a Minimum $5,000 Commission Due at Time of Sale.
$500.00 Registration Due at Start of 90 Day Consignment Agreement.

Additional Services

Available to You & Your Buyer

MHSRV offers a host of additional services designed to make the experience a smooth and enjoyable one for both you and your buyer. Call for your free quote on these additional services today.

  • Service Repairs.
  • Paint & Body.
  • Wash & Detail.
  • Coach Inspection.
  • List of Drive-Away Services Available that Deliver RVs to MHS.
  • Extended Service Policies so Your Buyer Can Purchase with Confidence.

Call Now for More Infomation at 800-335-6054.