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Heartland Elkridge

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If you have been thinking about getting a motor coach, but you are just a little intimidated when considering driving a vehicle of this size, then you need to check out the Heartland Elkridge 5th Wheel. While this coach might not turn on a dime, it does have a 88 degree turning radius which makes for easy handling on the road.

Ease on Down the Road in the Heartland Elkridge 5th Wheel

Everything is easy about the Heartland Elkridge 5th Wheel RV. In fact, with the E-Z Flex suspension system by Dexter and the Correct Track alignment system, driving this coach is a snap. Not to mention once you are finished driving for the night, the electric rear stabilizing jacks and front electric landing gear will have you set down and secure with a flip of a switch.

Even getting on and off this coach is easy with the large entry assist grab handle and the light at the entry step. Safety and security are job one on this coach.

Look Good in Your Heartland Elkridge 5th Wheel

While being safe is super important, you still want to look good driving on down the road. With the Heartland Elkridge 5th Wheel, you get the best of both worlds. Besides all of the safety features, there are plenty of options to keep you looking good as well.

From the gel coated molded fiberglass front cap to the Pearl high gloss fiberglass  painted front cap on the outside, and the chestnut interior cabinets on the inside, you will be looking good and feeling good.

Additional features include: TV antenna with signal booster, Oil rubbed bronze hardware, Night shades

Dominate the Road in the Heartland Elkridge 5th Wheel Motor Coach

If you are going to spend your time on the road, then there is no reason to do so in anything than one of the best motor coaches on the road, and that is the Heartland Elkridge 5th Wheel motor coach. Discover what this coach can do for you and check one out today.

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