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Fleetwood Revolution

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Motor Home Specialist offers Used Fleetwood Revolution RVs for sale. The Fleetwood Revolution RV is one the more popular used Fleetwood RVs sold at Motor Home Specialist. It was first made available in the early 90s and was still in production in 2009 with no end in site. The used Fleetwood Revolution RV has been a very popular used diesel RV at Motor Home Specialist for years. The Revolution RV has taken on many shapes and sizes through the years but has and remains exclusively a luxury diesel RV.

The earliest Fleetwood Revolution models were 330 HP and available only with two slide-outs. In 2003 they were still only available in double slides, but then featurted a standard 350HP diesel engine.

In 2004 you will find these used Fleetwood Revolution RVs to have either two or three slides available. The average MSRP of a new 2004 Fleetwood Revolution RV was about $220,000.

In 2005 the Fleetwood Revolution RV expanded to include a new upgraded Fleetwood Revolution model called the LE. The 2005 Fleetwood Revolution RV boasted a 400 HP and was available in a 2, 3 and 4 slide floor plan. The 40L model is the quad. The 2005 Fleetwood Revolution was still available in the regular model and listed for about $30,000 less than the Fleetwood Revolution LE.

2006 is the last year you can find a used Fleetwood Revolution RV that is not an LE model. By 2007 the Fleetwood Revolution was moved up in price and amenities to include a standard 400 HP and was now built on the Spartan chassis. You can even find used Fleetwood Revolutions to include a Spartan tag axle model, the 42N. The Fleetwood Revolution 42N listed new for about $285,000 and a 2009 Fleetwood Revolution LE diesel pusher could have listed for as much as $350,000. You will save big money buying used Fleetwood Revolutions from Motor Home Specialist.

Used Fleetwood Revolution RVs remain one the most popular used RVs available at Motor Home Specialist.

Motor Home Specialist is proud to have sold hundreds of used Fleetwood RVs through the years. We have found Fleetwood RVs, including the Fleetwood Revolution, to be a quality product and one that usually retains good resale and trade-in value. To view our current used Fleetwood RVs please click the yellow RVs for Sale button located near the top left corner of the page or feel free to call one of our sales representatives today.

Our website is updated daily, but you never know what used Fleetwood motor home may have just come in or may be arriving soon.

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