Itasca Navion iQ

Itasca Navion iQ

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Itasca Navion iQ RV from Motor Home Specialist in Alvarado, Texas

Itasca is thrilled with their latest model addition, the Navion iQ RV, since great pleasure will be felt whenever driving or riding this kind of RV. Spacious, comfortable, convenient and beautiful, this RV would easily sell anyone on the idea of traveling cross-country via RV. You will be able to feel how it’s like to travel while bringing the comforts of your own home along with you. It has a great setting for the bedroom, entertainment center, and bathroom.

When making your way towards your preferred destination, you can both achieve a great nights sleep and enjoy entertainment from the comfort of your bed, as the bedroom of the Navion iQ RV has a 19" LCD DC TV, memory foam mattress, and privacy curtain. Combining all these options together make traveling, no matter how far, enjoyable and comfy all along the way.

Having bathroom inside an RV is necessity that everybody makes use of. The Navion iQ RV also has a spacious bathroom that features the following: shower with full wall surround, retractable & self-cleaning shower door, flexible showerhead and a luminous skylight. The design of the bathroom is successfully meets anybody’s need.

Desiring something to pass the time whenever taking a very long trip is also inevitable. Luckily, the Navion iQ RV comes with a super awesome entertainment corner, which features: stereo system that has AM/FM, alarm clock, CD/DVD player & input jack, a 19" LCD flat-panel TV monitor, and an improved digital TV antenna.

Contentment will be easily accessible when you have the Navion iQ RV to take you on your travels. You will never wish for another RV, once you experience this great model from Itasca. If you are hoping to find a Navio iQ RV, you should trust the top ranking Texas RV dealer, Motor Home Specialist. A large selection and a great sales team will make your purchase process absolutely ideal. We look forward to helping you and appreciate you shopping with Motor Home Specialist.