Itasca Sunstar

Itasca Sunstar

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If you wanted to have a trip or vacation that you will rarely forget through all your life, then Sunstar motorhome will make that happen. With all the comforts and quality this motorhome has, you will always be ready for a memorable trip at anytime you want.

All the stuffs inside the Sunstar motorhome just perfectly blend with each other thus making its aura as pleasing as it can be. While you are traveling, this motorhome has a cooking area that provides you with all your cooking needs so you can prepare a meal for everyone while on the road. You will also love the awesome cabinets of great sizes perfect for all your storage. For your own comfort while cleaning, you can choose to have the all-vinyl floor covering in the lounge area.

It also has the following features which allow the motorhome to release its beauty and functionality at the same time.

Ceiling fabric
Countertops laminate
Curtain wraparound w/track (front)
Lights ceiling, incandescent
Roof Vent powered (bath), non-powered (lounge)
Shades pleated (lounge, dinette & bedroom)
Telephone Input interior jack
The designer of this motorhome has really a great statement for innovativeness because you will get amazed with how the dinette can be converted into a comfortable bed in just a blink of an eye. It also got a sofa/bed which has a built in storage below. Also feel comfortable to sit on the lounge chair that can swivel and slide.

Stated above are just very few things that Sunstar motorhome can brag of. If at this moment you are already being amazed with its features and wishes to purchase one, Motor Home Specialist can assist you with that. With their strong commitment to help, guide and assist motorhome buyers, they have already been considered as Texas’ number 1 in the field of motorhome dealing. Thank you for shopping online with Motor Home Specialist and for choosing them over other dealers.