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Floorplans (Table #1) 210 Sport
WEIGHTS (Ford Chassis 6.8L)
Gross Vehicle 11,500
Gross Combined* 18,000
Front Gross Axle 4,600
Rear Gross Axle 7,800
WEIGHTS (Chevy Chassis 6.0L)
Gross Vehicle 12,300
Gross Combined* 16,000
Front Gross Axle 4,600
Rear Gross Axle 8,300
Wheelbase - Ford 138"
Wheelbase - Chevy 139"
Overall Length, Without Ladder & Spare Tire - Ford 21' 11"
Overall Length, Without Ladder & Spare Tire - Chevy 22' 10"
Overall Height Including A/C 10' 8"
Interior Height 76"
Interior Width 91"
Exterior Width 94"
Water Heater 6
Gray Tank 23
Black Tank 23
Fresh Tank 34
LP Tank (lb./Gal.) 42/9.8
Fuel - Chevy/Ford 35/37


*Towing capacity is limited by GCWR; your vehicle's towing capacity is the difference between the GCWR and the actual vehicle weight, including all water, fuel, passengers and cargo. Your towed vehicle should be equipped with auxiliary brakes if the weight of the towed vehicle exceeds 1,000 lbs. Consult your owner's manual for further towing information.

**All tank capacities are estimated based upon calculations provided by the tank manufacturers and represent approximate capacities. The actual "usable capacity" may be greater or less than the estimated capacities based upon fabrication and installation of the tanks.

***Actual filled LP capacity is 80% of listing due to safety shut-off required on tank.