Forest River Lexington RV

Forest River Lexington RV

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Forest River’s Lexington RV offers the entire package with great features, mechanical reliability, and value. From front to back, this RV has noteworthy specs that would make it attractive to any kind of traveler. 

You could be a lone traveler who is venturing to prime fishing spots across the United States with all your best and essential fishing equipment in tow. You could be a family of 5 that not only has to carry clothing for each family member, but also things to keep everyone entertained and comfortable. When it comes to storage, clearly it doesn’t matter what kind of adventurer you are since everyone needs room to store their stuff. The Lexington RV has convenient overhead storage compartments inside that make finding a place for all you’ve packed incredibly simple and it makes everything easily accessible.

The Lexington RV also has Oak cabinetry and drawer storage throughout the entire vehicle and also countertops with Oak edging.  Not only can you find a two-door, large fridge and dinette table, but also a large range complete with cover.

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