For nearly thirty years, Beaver Motorhomes have represented the very best of the luxury and comfort that the recreational vehicle industry has to offer. From its humble start in a small central Oregon town, Beaver has cultivated a reputation for breathtaking woodwork, supple fabrics, plush furnishings and incredible power and performance. Those RV enthusiasts who want to enjoy an invigorating drive, as well as a comfortable stay, have always looked toward Beaver Motorhomes to deliver just that.

During Beaver's beginnings, in a neighboring Oregon town, Monaco Coach Corporation was establishing itself as the premier manufacturer of highline luxury motorhomes as well, and became well known for outstanding diesel coaches. Monaco purchased Holiday Rambler in 1996, providing the company with an impressive lineup of gasoline and diesel motorhomes, as well as towable RVs. In the latter half of the 1990's, Monaco began to emerge as a major force in the motorhome industry.

In 2001, these two companies jonied together as Beaver (along with the innovative Safari brand) became a part of Monaco Coach Corporation. The result is a stronger organization with vast resources, all dedicated to bringing you the very best range of recreational vehicles.

The next stage of in Beaver's plan for excellence will provide its upcoming drivers with an even higher level of excellence with one of the most sophisticated line of motorcoaches ever offered.

Treat yourself to a Beaver coach, and you will discover the difference that dedication and experience can bring to your RV camping destinations.

The new Beaver Contessa is an incredible example of Monaco Coach Corporation's commitment to quality, luxury and value. Available in several different floor plans including a variety of 42' tag axle models, the Contessa Motorhome offers one of the most impressive lists of standard equipment in the RV industry. Is powerful diesel engine provides an incredible ride and drive due to Monaco Coach Corporations custom-built Roadmaster chassis. This Roadmaster chassis features up to 10-outboard airbags, providing a wider, more stable platform for the coach. The true artistry of the Beaver Contessa Motorhome, like all Beaver motorhomes, can be found is rich wood details that have made Beaver Coach famous. Contessa's cabinets are handcrafted by experienced craftsman from superior woods, bringing you a sense of quality and luxury seen in grand estates and fine hotels.

One of the first things you'll notice about the Beaver Patriot Thunder Motorhome is the integrated power awnings. This sets the coach apart from virtually all other motor homes built today. Combine this impressive exterior feature with the hours of meticulous work that is evident throughout the Patriot Thunder's one-of-a-kind wood package, and it's easy to see why this coach is one of the most sought after luxury diesel pushers in the RV industry.

Last but certainly not least, is the crown jewel of Monaco Coach Corporation, the Beaver Marquis Motorhome. The Marquis transcends the ordinary to become something else altogether. More than a motorhome, the Marquis can only be classified as a truly one of a kind experience. The cabinetry is second to none and the features are almost endless. No other 600 HP coach available in the RV industry is designed quite like the Beaver Marquis. It is built on Monaco's premier Roadmaster chassis, and like all Monaco built luxury motorcoaches, it is backed by the only 24/7 customer service and technical support line.

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