Motor Home Specialist offers Used Country Coach Allure Motorhomes for sale. First introduced in 1995, the original Country Coach Allure Motorhome offered 3 different floor plans and two engine options - the 250HP and the 275HP.

In 1997 the Country Coach Allure Motorhome was available in 5 different floor plans, still with two engine options, but these engines were now either 275HP or a 325HP. The 1997 Country Coach Allure also offered its first 40' model.
In 1999 the Country Coach Allure brought two slide-out floor plans to the RV industry, offering 36' and a 40' length options.

The 2000 Country Coach Allure Motorhome offered three slide-out floor plans, as well as the time they began to incorporate the Independent Front Suspension in the Country Coach DynaMax chassis.

Later, in 2001, the Country Coach Allure Motorhome produced its first double slide-out floor plans. The 330 HP diesel engine was also made standard on all 2001 models. The 2002 Country Coach Allure produced the first triple slide Allures.

By 2004 the Country Coach Motorhomes made these double and triple slide floor plans standard, with either the 370 HP or 400 HP engines. The average price of a Country Coach Allure Motorhome in 2004 was about $325,000 as compared to the roughly $175,000 that the 1996 models originally listed for.

In 2005 the Country Coach Allure Motorhome line expanded to offer the Country Coach Allure 430 model, as well as the Country Coach Allure 470 model. By 2007, all models of the Country Coach Allure featured triple and quad slide-outs. The 2007 Country Coach Allure also featured either a 400 HP or 425 HP diesel engine for a powerful drive to the next RV camping destination.

In 2008 the Country Coach Allure Motorhome line had grown to having 18 different floor plan and engine variations. The 2008 Country Coach Allure was the first year's line to offer the Country Coach Allure FE Series. The Country Coach Allure FE Motorhome offered much of what you find the Country Coach Allure 470, yet at a more affordable price. The Country Coach Allure FE, or Founders Edition, came in a 43' tag axle quad slide.

Motor Home Specialist is proud to have sold countless used Country Coach Motorhomes through the years. We have found used Country Coach RVs to both hold up exceptionally well from a condition standpoint, but also from a resale standpoint. Find used Country Coach Motorhomes with us at genuine discounts, and receive honest, friendly service everyday at Motor Home Specialist: The #1 Volume Selling Texas RV Dealer.

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