Overall Length 45'
Wheelbase 316.12"
Overall 102"
Overall Height (Finished) 149"
Floor-to-Ceiling Height (Finished) 63"
Cabin Floor Height (Finished) 37.5"
Usable Cabin Flat Floor (No Wheel Humps, Finished)  
Under-Floor Storage (w/Driver A/C) 505cu ft
Interior Doors Aluminum lined  
Bay Compartment Doors (Width) 48.5"
Entrance Door Width 27"
Step Height 14"
Ground Clearance 11"
Overhang (Incl. Bumper) - Front 75"
Overhang (Incl. Bumper) - Rear 107"
Turning Radius 41.8'
Fuel Tank (US Gal) 235
Fuel Fill, Both sides  
Full Dash A/C, Condenser w/Copper Fins,  
Cooling Capacity 90,000BTU
A/C Refrigerant 134A
Hot Water Booster Pump  
Generator Hook-up on Main fuel Tank  
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs) 54,500
Wet Weight, w/Full A/C (lbs) 31,840
Axle Design Load Capacity-Front (lbs) 18,000
Axle Design Load Capacity-Drive (lbs) 22,500
Axle Design Load Capacity -Tag (lbs) 14,000
Body Construction Structure: Integral Stainless/Rust Protected Mild Steel
Body Construction-Outer Shell : Up to Window Level, Stainless Steel
Body Construction Sub-Frame: Low-Alloy/High Tensile Steel



Michelin® 315/80R22.5 (Drive Axle)
Michelin® 365/70R22.5 (Front & Tag Axles)
Aluminum Rims 22.5"x9" (Drive Axle)
Aluminum Rims 22.5"x10.5" (Front & Tag Axle)
Dura Bright Coated (Four 10.5" and Four 9")