Forest River Berkshire Review

Donny O'Banion: Hello, and welcome to the World’s RV Show going on now at Motorhome Specialist, the number one volume selling motorhome dealership in the world. My name is Donny O'Banion and today I’m being joined by Bill Murray, who’s the regional sales manager of the Forest River diesel division and today Bill’s going to be taking us for a tour of the all new Forest River Berkshire Review Luxury Diesel.

Donny O'Banion: Bill, thanks so much for being here.

Bill Murray: Thank you. I’m excited to be here to be able to show you the new Berkshire. This particular Berkshire is a 38A, which is a full wall triple slide, bath and a half with bunk beds. And we just introduced this model here at the RV Show. This coach has a full wall hydraulic slide, it’s not electric, it’s hydraulic slide. It’s also got a slide out generator, and it has a water manifold system, along with a fiber glass rough. So it’s got a lot of features that people are looking for in a diesel motorhome. Along with this 38A we’ve introduced a 34-foot quad slide. It has a lot of the same amenities and the same type of value that this coach presents.

Donny O'Banion: Right, so now as far as the construction, you know we’re going to be covering a lot territory I know today. And of course I want to talk even more about the floor plans themselves, but everything we’re going to see on this particular coach, as far as the chassis, or the build of the construction highlights, basically that we’re going to see in this video, is that going to be throughout the Forest River Berkshire line?

Murray: Throughout the Berkshire. You know we changed our strategy a little bit. We came out with the regular Berkshire, and then we’ve got another coach that’s the Berkshire XL that’s a little bit bigger power plant, transmission and so forth, but this coach has a raised rail freight chassis, and all the amenities that were going to talk about in this coach are also available in our other Forest River Berkshire model.

O'Banion: Correct, and that’s the 34?

Murray: 34-foot quad slide.

O'Banion: Yeah, it’s great to see something like that back in the industry. There are very few short luxury diesel pushers in the industry right now. It’s kind of great to see y’all bring something to the marketplace that was really kind of a void. There were very few short luxury diesels.

Murray: As you know, as many tag axles and big diesels that you sell, you’ve got people that like the lifestyle but they’re tired of driving those big coaches and they want to get something smaller where they can still enjoy the state parks and some of the other things in a shorter motorhome. Then you got a lot of the first timers who want to get into that lifestyle that are looking for something shorter cause their a little intimated by something 40 foot and over.

Murray: So it fits a niche and it’s 4 slides so at that price point you’re getting a lot of the amenities

O'Banion: Absolutely. And you’re still getting a lot floor space. So now the Forest River Berkshire review itself, is the full body paint standard or is this optional?

Murray: It’s Sikkens full body paint. It’s standard. We have 4 different paint schemes. We use a four times clear. It’s all Sikkens paint, all automotive style paint, and with the 4 times clear you get four coats protection.

O'Banion: And is that actually color sanded and buffed. Well, it has to be. I’m looking at it. I can always tell the difference. So this is actually a cut and buffed coach with the 4 times clear.

Murray: 4 times clear and we take it back, we bring a backup, and they are hand sand, you don’t feel any of the stripes, or anything here.

Murray: And they hand sand everything and then they go put two more coat of clear on it.

O'Banion: The Berkshire has a really great look this year. I mean the new paint schemes are great. As you said, all 4 colors, beautiful homes, and it’s really got a high end look to it especially with the aluminum wheels. If that’s what y’all are putting on them.

Murray: We use a 255 70 tires, air ride, air brakes, the whole thing with the raised rail chassis. You know you’re getting a lot of value for the money in the Berkshire.

O'Banion: Absolutely. So air ride, air brakes, the leveling systems are computerized, hydraulic or?

Murray: They’re all hydraulic. We use nothing but equalizers in all of our jack systems. Equalizers, a company in Elkhart, Indiana, it’s a brand name. So the jacks are excellent on this coach. And along with the equalizer for the slide, this full wall slide is hydraulic as well.

O'Banion: So, back to the jacks, the equalizer jacks are those the ones that are hydraulically powered down as well as up? So it’s not like spring loaded or anything like that? So you got true hydraulic power to lift them back up so they don’t get suck in the mud or any of that kind of stuff.

Murray: It’s just like here, you know we’re getting ready for the storms in Texas, today and maybe tomorrow, and if you’re in a mudded area, you want to get those jacks up, you don’t want to be underneath that coach with a broom or something trying to get it them up. We’re hydraulic up, straight up.

O'Banion: That’s a really nice feature. Look at, this is really cool that y’all do, putting these shelving units in there.

Murray: Well right, we use that for soft drinks, snacks, whatever it may be. Real easy access, so we put shelves in there. The other thing we do in this coach is we give you a couple extra tiles. I mean that’s not linoleum, if you lose a tile, whatever, we put extra tiles in the motorhome so you can get it repaired in case you get a scratch or something in there.

Murray: Now look Donny, these doors are all aluminum doors, and they’re top and bottom locking. You see a lot of them just right there in the middle, but we give you the extra security on the top and the bottom so you can see the bus dial on the doors.

O'Banion: This is a really big deal, having the dual gaskets, and to have it stay actually sealed at the top and the bottom. That’s a really big deal. I was fixing to close that door, but… check that out!

Murray: Those are the barn style doors, so we open it up and you’ve got your slide tray that comes out. And again this on a raised rail chassis. So you got the pass through storage all the way through.

O'Banion: Look at that pass through storage.

Murray: And then also go the other way, if you want to go on the other side. It goes out on the other side as well.

O'Banion: Well, I really like this arrangement right here. I mean you’re able to get a much larger tray. You know typically they’re really narrow so you’re limited with what you can put in them. But also it just gives you this really nice area once both the doors are open. You know it makes it really easy to access your compartment. And this one, this one right here…

Murray: Yep, it just gives you more storage.

O'Banion: Look at that. That’s a whole other full pass through storage.

Murray: And this is something else you guys taught me here, about outside entertainment centers. A lot of people didn’t have outside TV’s and for the years I’ve been involved with Motorhome Specialist, the family is adamant about having an exterior TV. Pretty much on everything you have now, don’t you?

O'Banion: The consumers demanded it.

Murray: Right. I’ve had people that saw the outside entertainment centers, and said we’ll never use it, and came back 6 months later and said, we can’t believe how we enjoy that exterior TV.

O'Banion: It’s nice. When you’re grilling out, watching the game.

Murray: Watching movies with the grandkids. I mean you’re in the outdoors, this is an awesome feature.

O'Banion: It is and y’all really did a nice job. Again, just the seals, the dual shocks on the outside here, It’s just really well done.

Murray: And they are all high definition TVs. I mean that’s something we do with cat-6 in here, so everything is high def in the Berkshire. Everything we use. Back here is another great feature, there’s a grommet here that comes through. So for a gas line, you want a gas stove out here, or maybe a heater, a grill, you can run your grommet right through there and we’ve got the hook up for the LP tank right here.

O'Banion: That’s a nice feature.

Murray: So you can grill on the outside, all by Berkshire, and Berkshire XL, it’s standard equipment.

O'Banion: Really nice. Well thought-out patio. And you know, you spoke about the hydraulic slide on this because that’s a big deal, but this particular floor plan has this huge full wall slide. And when you’re talking about patio space, this is a really great design because by having this full wall slide, your awning is able to be attached to the slide itself, so when your slide out room comes out, you still get your full area of patio awning.

Murray: Exactly, you’re not losing any outside living area. You got it all right here protected with your awning.

O'Banion: It’s really nice.

Murray: The other thing we do with the full wall slide, Donny, is we have an awning topper cover so you have the awning topper when it comes out, but we cover it. So when it goes back in you can see all aluminum cover so if you’re going up the road, you don’t have to worry about your awning flapping in the wind and possibly coming undone. It’s all protected in there. It’s a great feature. Same thing with the front awning cover on the front entrance door, we give you an awning cover.

O'Banion: Absolutely. And of course that helps with pulling into parks, low tree limbs, and things like that. It’s easy to snag them if your awnings are not protected.

Murray: Yep. Another great feature on this coach, Donny, is the frameless windows. They’re dual paint, frameless windows and you remember nobody was doing the frameless windows except the high end manufactures Prevost and Foretravel and some of those companies and now we’re getting into the mainstream with these windows.

O'Banion: Absolutely. She’s got a fantastic look. And of course, there are values, being dual paint, it’s not just great looking aesthetically, but I mean it does serve a purpose. You’ve got a lot of windows on this particular coach, which is great on the inside to let so much natural light in but it just makes having the dual pain glass that much more important.

Murray: And then here we’ve got our diesel exhaust fluid which burns at 2% of the fuel consumption so the average RVer should have to fill that once a year. So not a big deal.

Murray: Oh, yeah. And then equalizers, all your hydraulics are in this bay. In this bay, we have it’s all steal line so it’s great for little DEF fluid maybe transmission oil, or whatever you may need. Some fluids back in there. And then here, we’ve got the tankless hot water heater, which gives you continuous hot water.

O'Banion: That’s a really big deal. Especially in a bunk model floor plan. I think they should be doing this in a lot more units as it is, but especially in these family style units when you’re’ talking about 4,6,7, 8 people that are going to be trying to take showers at the end of the day. You know, that’s an invaluable feature.

Murray: This will sleep 6,7 people easily. So with a lot of people taking showers, and the kids in the shower, it’s great to have that continuous hot water.

O'Banion: Absolutely, it’s great to see y’all go to that. That’s a really great feature. It makes a lot of sense on this floor plan.

Murray: Yeah, some of the other things on this coach Donny, you’ve got a rear ladder that comes off you can store it so when you’re coming down the road, store it on the inside, real clean.

O'Banion: Keep the kids off the top of the coach.

Murray: We did a great job here. This is very clean very easy access to all your fluid checks, whatever you may need here. And Then the other great thing about this coach, is the mud flap is standard. So you get a Forest River mud flap and most people in this size are towing a vehicle so the mud flap is a great option. And then the brake lights in the back, and then the rear camera as well.

O'Banion: Absolutely. Now, it looks like the rear camera’s infrared?

Murray: Yes

O'Banion: So that’s a really good feature because they cannot only be utilized for backing up but when you’re towing your vehicle to keep an eye on them, but at night time these cameras can work as security. You can see virtually all around your coach once you utilize your side cameras as well.

Paint job and stuff is fantastic this year.

Murray: You can see the Berkshire is all painted, no decals.

O'Banion: Yeah, no decals. I like how y’all did away with that. Really. Well done. And got a beautiful new look. So Let’s see what do we got here?

Murray: Well, those are your chassis batteries. You’ve got two chassis, 12 bolt volt batteries. And then in this bay here Donny, there’s 4 6 volt are your house batteries. The great thing about this coach is we have two battery disconnects on the exterior, 1 for the 2/12 volt, and 1 for the 4/6 volts. So if you’re going to store your coach, turn off your chassis batteries and your house batteries and you’re not going to get any draws at all. So it’s very, very nice with 2 battery disconnects.

O'Banion: It is because typically as you know most coaches are only going to have one, so there’s always that small draw. So If you leave it sitting for an extended period of time, 5-6 months, that you do let the coach sit up, typically you’re going to come back to dead batteries.

Murray: And there’s our 2000 watt magnum converter that also give you auto gen start, which we will talk about later inside the coach, and then you’ve got your grommet, that your 50 amp cord goes to.

O'Banion: Now this inverter, it is continuous, so if you’re going down the road, you don’t have to run the generator for the kids play video games, or watch TV, that kind of stuff.

Murray: That’s correct.

O'Banion: This one is actually going to run through the 1 10 plugs inside the coach. Because a lot of them are just refrigerator or something of that nature. That’s a really important feature to have again especially with a family coach like this, where kids are constantly charging their phones, charging the game, something’s always plugged up. So that’s nice. So they can always watch TV and stuff and you’re not always having to run the diesel generator going down the road all the time.

Murray: Another great feature here is that nobody else is doing at this price point. Even price points way above this price point, you’re not seeing a water manifold system. This water manifold system is worth its weight in gold. I mean, It’s unbelievable. This is for your cold side and then your red is for your hot side. So we run all of our connections from point to point so if you had a leak in your bathroom sink, cold water, all you do is turn that off you can repair it, if you don’t feel like you want to repair it, you want to camp all week, again you don’t have to stop camping.

O'Banion: That’s a big deal.

Murray: Turn it off at the source, and you’re good to go. Full house water filter as well. And then outside shower we’ve got your tanks fill, your city supply, black tank flush, and then we’ve got your grommet down there too to run your water hose right through it and then your low point drains, real easy to maintain. You know we talked about that tankless hot water heater too, you don’t have to worry about that water heater bypass that you do in a conventional. All you do is turn the switch off, so winterizing is very easy on this coach. I call this motorhomes of Berkshire’s, America’s friendliest RV because they’re really user friendly.

O'Banion: It is. Just the schematics, very thoughtful layout and a real easy and clean. A lot of these bays you’ll open them up and there’s just, they definitely didn’t spend any time or energy in their water bays in a lot of units. And y’alls is just very well done, very well thought out. I like that little extra space there for the sewer hose.

Murray: Yeah, you put your sewer hose right up there. It goes right back on.

O'Banion: That is really nicely done. Of course these 3 doors are just going to be the back side of the, you know the main storage area.

Murray: Barn style doors open up, here your slide will come out, that’s where your propane tank is all right there, all easy access, on the driver’s side.

O'Banion: That’s a good size tank too.

Murray: Yeah, 24 1/2 gallons.

O'Banion: That’ll last a long time, especially when you have a residential refrigerator in this thing now. That LP tank is hot water and furnace.

Murray: And even this coach has an electric heat pump in the front, so you don’t even have to use your propane.

O'Banion: So if it’s not freezing, if you just want to take the chill out of the coach you can just do it being plugged up. Really nice. And you know this bay right here has always been really impressive on your products as well. Very few manufacturers will spend the money to really do this bay properly, just like your wet bay, the electrical bay. I mean what you’ve done here is so clean, the schematics laid out where it’s easy for the consumer to find a popped fuse or anything if their trying to look for service. So much easier.

Murray: Yeah, it’s all right here. The other great feature on this Donny is the slide out generator, which nobody’s doing at this price point.

O'Banion: No. From a service ability standpoint, that’s invaluable.

Murray: Slide drop 9 / 6,000 series. Onan 6000 series. The gen starts here; you’ve got the gen start on the exterior of the coach. Easy cleaning your windows. Great tool you can climb up there, get your windows clean. Just be careful.

O'Banion: And you’ve got the diamond end front end protection. Because the slide out generator, you’ve gone to the clear guard front protection on it, you know it’s just keep the front end looking great for years.

Murray: You know Diamond Shield actually installs this. The Diamond Shield, they’re in our paint shop and it’s their people who put the Diamond Shield on, that’s why there’s limited lifetime warranty with Diamond Shield, so again you’re getting a brand name. You’re getting the Diamond Shield name on here.

O'Banion: Absolutely. That makes a big difference. And I also noticed y’all are putting it around your main entry handle as well where you don’t get all the key marks and stuff like that.

Murray: Well you’re talking about key marks. And you know we did go to a one key system this year.

O'Banion: That’s right. You were telling me about that.

Murray: So we’ve got one key for every bay, so you’re carrying a multitude of keys, you don’t have to worry about security, somebody else getting in to your storage. You’ve got one key that opens everything.

O'Banion: Now that’s a really nice deal.

Murray: It is. Something we went to this year.

O'Banion: Typically, you’ve got about 8 or 9 keys, and you’re always trying to figure out which one goes to this or that. That’s a nice deal.

Big one-piece windshield.

And, tell us about your mirrors, that a really unique as well. You don’t see the bus style mirrors very often.

Murray: A little bit expensive, but they’re up out of the way, you’re not going to hit your head going by. You can see a lot more efficiently. And then it’s also got the side cameras so as you turn your left to right blinker on you can see your open there. Yeah, the bus style mirrors are nice. Driving one of these things, makes it really easy for safety reasons to see out of it. Makes it a lot more efficient.

O'Banion: You had mentioned that the front air conditioner has the pump on it. So we’re going to be running what? This got a pair of what?

Murray: 2 15,000 BTU low profile ACs. And then the front heat pump.

O'Banion: Is that standard, the 15s, or they optional?

Murray: They are optional. For you, we put them in everything we’ve built.

O'Banion: It gets hot down here. If I’ve got the option, you know I’m going to put them on there.

Murray: And along with that we talked about the front heat pump. Great insulation with the one-piece fiberglass roof as well. So this is fiberglass, one-piece fiberglass roof, on top of here along with its vacu-bond laminated and it’s a crown roof so it’s 5 ½ inches in the center and 2 inches on the side and then you’ve also got the vacu-bond laminated side walls with the smooth coat gel coat. And then the floor is one piece vacu-bond laminated floor, framed in aluminum in the Berkshire. It’s 2 ½ inches thick and you’ve also got a half inch cord that runs from the front of the coach all the way to the back so your only seam is going to be in the bedroom. So you’ve got a smooth flat floor all the way through.

O'Banion: Right, that’s a really important feature, especially when you’re going to start stacking that kind of weight on them. You don’t get those weak spots in the floor anymore. They use to run 6, 8, 10 foot sections and that causes a lot of problems down the road. That’s a big expense, but I’m glad to know y’all are using that.

Murray: And the one piece, you don’t have to worry about a squeak in the floor because there’s no seams, until you get to the bedroom, so is awesome.

O'Banion: Absolutely. I really can’t wait to see inside this coach. This is the new 38 A, so this is the triple slide unit that’s originally offered as a double and now y’all have incorporated a third slide to this floor plan.

Murray: We came out with a 38 B and then we upgraded and put the other slide in and made it a rear bath, triple slide. So bath and a half with bunk beds, which grandma and grandpa can use that bunk area as storage if they ain’t got their grandkids with them, it’s awesome.

O'Banion: It is. Well, I can’t wait to see it with the opposing slide out rooms. It’s gotta be big.

Oh wow, Bill that third slide really opened up that floor plan.

Murray: It sure did. With the fire place and the 46-inch TV. Awesome floor plan.

O'Banion: With these opposing slides, I mean it did. It really did, it made a big difference in the living area. The booth on this coach is really large as well.

Murray: It’s oversized.

O'Banion: I mean you can actually get two adults on both sides of that thing. A lot of these booths are good for about 2 people.

You’ve gone solid surface here as well.

Murray: Yep, all solid surface, same as the counter tops. Raised panel doors, which I talked about. You and I talked about it earlier today. And then cabinets all the way across on this side.

Murray: Yep, and plenty of storage room too over here on the kitchen side. 

O'Banion: Absolutely. So now your booth is going to make a sleeper. I see you’ve got seatbelts over here which is really important especially in a bunk model coach. And just little things that y’all are doing, by putting the cup holders in things, integrated in the back of these coaches for when you’re actually in transit. So few people take the time to really think their floor plans through and understand that it’s a motorhome and you’ve got family, you’ve got kids, you’re traveling, and that keeps at least some of the kids cokes out of the floor.

Murray: Exactly.

O'Banion: It looks like you’ve got more seat belts over here.

Murray: We’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 so this coach will seatbelt 6.

O'Banion: That’s excellent. Again with this particular arrangement, you know having the television mounted where it is, this is great for me when thinking about being able to buckle the kids up when you’re going down the road, and they can still stay entertained because the slide out room doesn’t cover up the television, you know they can sit and play their games. It’s just a really well-thought out coach to travel in. And the kitchen in this thing, now this is as big of a kitchen as I’ve ever seen in a motorhome. I mean that countertop space is over the top. I’ve got 45-foot coaches out there that don’t have near this size kitchen as this unit does.

Murray: Yeah, residential fridge, 30-inch convection microwave. You know Whirl Pool, stainless steel.

O'Banion: Whirl Pool brand, using name brand.

Stainless steel stove and these are sealed burners Donny, and that’s a sealed burner. I was in a coach today that for 300,000 dollars it didn’t have the burners seal in it.

I noticed you do have stainless steel sinks as well.


And that’s a monster microwave.

Murray: Yeah, Whirl Pool just came out with this model. It also has a pull out faucet that’s stainless steel.

Something else we’ve added this year, in the kitchen, is the soft ball bearing glide drawers.

That’s nice.

Yeah, really nice.

O'Banion: That’s really nice. I wasn’t expecting to see that. That’s, I don’t know of another product that I’ve got this in that’s not…I mean you’re talking half a million dollars’ up

Murray: Yeah, and look at the storage here for pots and pans.

And then here you’ve got the 46-inch TV with the sound bar.

Actually we’ve added the fireplace option as well, so pretty much everything I’m bringing to you has the fireplace, but the fireplace is available in this coach, the 38A, and also the 34 quad slide. We put the fireplace in as well.

O'Banion: You know a lot of people don’t realize that these things are actually a great way to heat the coach as well. You can either use them as an additional heater or you can turn the heater off and just have it for the aesthetics, and you can have a fireplace lit in the summertime. But these things will really put out a lot of additional heat. And as you said earlier, that’s just using the 1 10 plug. I mean you’re there at the park, you’re not having to use your LP gas. You know it’s just a nice way of getting a secondary heat inside the coach and it’s surprising how much heat those things will put out.

Murray: Well that combined with the heat pump. If you’re plugged in, you’re good to go.

O'Banion: Absolutely.

On the adverse side of that, I know we’re talking about heating, but cooling. You know we talked about the air conditioned units outside. There’s something that y’all switched to this last year that I think is one of the most important things you did to help cool these coaches is went to the LED lights. These things emit so much less heat. They have such less draw on the batteries themselves, I mean they just properly maintain the coaches better, and use to run batteries up in motorhomes just like that – you know you could just accidentally throw a breaker outside and those lights would kill those batteries in a matter of hours. Not to mention the heat that they put off and it makes it that much harder to try and cool the motorhomes inside. I mean these things are unbelievable the amount of energy that they save and how much less heat they emit.

Murray: The other thing we’ve done is we’ve put dimmers in these.

O'Banion: Really?

Murray: So we’ve got dimmers in the front on the ceiling, and in the bedroom on the ceiling as well.

O'Banion: Nice, I didn’t know that.

Murray: Yeah, you just turn them down a little bit.

O'Banion: There’s just a control on the wall?

Murray: Yeah, right here on the wall. You’ve got a control to dimer.

You know the other thing we’ve done with this coach Donny, we’ve added the Sony Blu-ray disc player, and then all HD Electronics. So everything’s high definition with cat 6 cables.

O'Banion: Thank you for the Blu-ray player. I mean I’ve had so many problems over the last 18 months, people still sending these coaches to us with regular DVD players, I’m like you can’t even buy a regular DVD player anymore. So thanks for the Blu-ray.

Murray: The other thing we’ve added is the soundbar, you can play your music right through your phone with Bluetooth capability and have a great sound both for your television and just for playing your music.

O'Banion: Really nice.

Murray: So yeah, another great feature.

O'Banion: Well, the kids have really got to love that. Speaking of the kids, this is a really nice job y’all did on the bunks. I like how you put the wood doors on the bunks themselves. It’s got a nice look when it’s closed.

Murray: Yeah, put the magnets on it, very easy to shut them. Shut them half way, shut them here. And then the other things for grandma and grandpa, all they’ve got to do is pick this up, put it in the hooks, and they can use it as a closet when they’re by themselves or maybe another couple. I mean they’ve got plenty of storage here.

O'Banion: I mean, there just really well through-out bunks for the kids, they’ve got these nice LED llit lights up in here, good size monitors for their movies, game ports on the back, so you can easily plug in an additional component for the kids gaming systems. Play their DVDs, big windows inside there. I mean the additional 1 10 plugs for their chargers and for their phones. And all that stuff. It’s just really well thought-out.

Murray: And you know yourself with your children. One of them wants to watch one thing, and one of them is gonna wanna watch the other. They can put their headphones on and their watching their DVDs and they’re in quite time right in here.

O'Banion: That’s fantastic. I really think this is a cool idea how y’all you did this as well, not only is it just nice when people are going to come over, hide all the kids junk in here. You can close them up and it looks nice, but being able to fold the doors backwards like that. it serves as a way to safely have the kids sleeping at night without the rails on the bed. it just gives them something to protect them from rolling out of the top bunk.

Murray: You know bunk beds; we’ve done a tremendous job with bunk bed. You know our high end Charleston, with the bunk bed model sells better than any high end

Murray: And it goes in the Berkshire XL same thing and now we’re going to take this thing to the next level with the regular Berkshire.

Murray: We love doing the bunks.

O'Banion: Yeah, y’all do an exceptional job with the bunks. No doubt. And this one, as you said, with taking it to the next level being the bath and a half. Now the kids not only have their own place to sleep and play, but they’ve got their own half bath.

Murray: Exactly. They’ve got their own bath, so most conventional bunks, you’re going to have a full bath right here across from the bunks where mom and dad got to get up and go. Here they’ve got everything contained in the back and the kids got their own bathroom. You know your guests come on the tile floor all the way through. It’s a real plus with the bath and a half with bunks.

O'Banion: Huge window here in the bath. Just a lot of natural light. And y’all did a nice, nice job this year from your countertops. The new wall boards, the chair rails that you got built. I mean it just has a really nice, really nice beautiful look to it this year. The MCD shades throughout. It looks like they’re both solar and, oh yeah, you’ve got both the solar shades and black out night shades. So I guess that’s going to be throughout all the living room windows, bedroom windows and same way as well?

Murray: The other thing we’ve done is we’ve added the fan in the bedroom of course, but we’ve got the Fantastic Fan in the galley. So you’ve got a brand name, another brand name of Fantastic Fan in the galley as well.

O'Banion: Nice. And the master bedroom in the 38A. I mean really just a nice space. Big queen size bed. Y’all did a nice job with your headboards this year. And true to the rest of the coach, it’s just storage galore back here.

Murray: You talk about the windows in the bathroom, but the huge window back here and ten you’ve got also windows in the slide out rooms and then we’ve got a couple wardrobes here, one on each side, and then this 32 inch high definition TV in the back. And this is something new this year, it flips up. You’ve got storage, some of your personal items, whichever it may be, you’ve got a place to put them.

O'Banion: Yeah, I’ve got a lot of customers say they’d like a little safe back here, back in the back like a little hidden safe. And it’s just really nice, big deep drawers back here. This area right here could serve as a nice place for like a vanity. You know like a second vanity area. Set up a little mirror here, you’ve got a 1-10 outlet, so that could make a nice vanity area as well.

Murray: Yeah, one of the things we talked about was the day / night shades as well. So back here, windows on the side. And then easy closed door. Self-locking, so mom and dad get their privacy back here. And then also we talked about earlier is the dimmer switch. So we’ve got a dimmer back here in the bedroom as well.

O'Banion: And the master bathroom in the coach. You know again, it’s just hard to believe you’ve got this much in a coach in under 40 feet, right?

Murray: Right. You got a washer/ dryer back here Donny. So you got the washer / dryer away from all your kitchen and so forth.

O'Banion: Stacked washer / dryer which is so important.

Murray: Another fan. And then we’ve also got a macerator in the stool here. So you’ve only got one black tank. So whatever goes into your one black tank, so you don’t ever have to worry about empting two black tanks. And then, one-piece shower.

O'Banion: Wow, big glass door. Built in seat. It’s all fiberglass.

Murray: Yes, all fiberglass and one piece. You know you get a lot of two piece showers.

O'Banion: But you don’t have to worry about leaks and stuff.

Murray: And the one piece. Look at the storage here.

O'Banion: Wow, I was not expecting that. That’s a great linen cabinet. I mean you can put, you can take a lot of towels and stuff with you. Big countertop space as well. I mean so many of these things its hardly big enough for the sink, much less the toothbrush holders and things like that, I mean you’ve actually got an area here that’s size enough you can decorate. You know back there, if she wants to put some decorations. Good size storage underneath the sink. I mean Bill the coach is absolutely beautiful; the floor plan is awesome. The only thing really left would be the cab area. I would love for you to take me on a tour of the all new dash, you know walk us through some of the features that we’ve got there in the cab area.

Murray: I’d love to, I think we’ve covered everything in here, and pretty good on the exterior, so let’s go see what we got up front.

O'Banion: And I really love the dash in the Berkshire. I mean it’s got a great look, really ergonomic. You know I love how y’all used so much of the burl wood inlays on the dash. It’s just got a really, really rich feel when you get behind the wheel.

Murray: You know the other nice thing about this dash is it’s screwed in, all screwed in, it’s not glued in. It’s everything screwed in, and then you’ve got all your controls right here in the cockpit area. We talked a little bit about a backup monitor with the side cameras. The GPS is standard in here. So you’ve got back up camera with side camera with nav system. Then all your gauges, your freightliner information, your Allison 6 speed electronic transmission, and then your equalizer jacks, so everything’s right here. In and out steering wheel so get yourself comfortable and then 6-way power seat on this side.

O'Banion: Really nice.

Murray: Pull her up, put your arms on the rest, and take her down the road. Great riding motorhome.

O'Banion: The passenger side here even has this pull out map tray which is a really nice extra. I noticed you have a power nightshade and privacy curtains here on the sides so you can shut down the cockpit at night. Cab fans. I mean it’s just got a lot of stuff on this coach.

Murray: Everything’s here. I mean I think we’ve really built a nice motorhome.

O'Banion: Absolutely. Thinking of the new USB ports that y’all have integrated into it. You know just thinking about modern day, modern day RVers.

Well, Bill, you and the entire team over at Forest River Berkshire Dealer, I mean you guys have done a tremendous job on the new Berkshire. You know it’s been one of our best sellers for years, and with the addition of the XL, and now with this 38 model and the 34 we talked about a little earlier, the Berkshire is set for its best year ever.

Murray: Thank you.

And folks if you have any additional questions about the Berkshire, or any of our other Forest River products, please don’t hesitate to give one of our representatives a call at 1-800-335- 6054 or visit us online anytime at Thank you all so much for watching. We all look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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