Traveling the country in a bus conversion RV is an incredible way to get to your RV destination in style, comfort, power and spaciousness. These roomy luxury RVs can be outfitted with the amenities often found in Class A RVs, can provide ample sleeping accommodations, as well as provide plenty of space when your outdoor living experience needs to move indoors. A quality built bus conversion can provide years of RV camping enjoyment for you and your family, and give you some room to stretch out and watch the horizon, while also expanding them.

At Motor Home Specialist, we often carry a selection of quality used Prevost Bus Conversion RVs, for prices that are very hard to beat. Prevost RVs are manufactured by Prevost Car in Canada, which has been in business since 1924.

Some models of these luxury RV bus conversions include the Prevost H3-45, the Prevost XLII - Series, and the XLII Entertainer. From the preowned lineup, you can find models such as the H340, the LeMirage XL45 and the LeMirage XLII, and the Prevost Marathon, to name a few.

At Motor Home Specialist, we have been helping customers find just the right RV for just the right price for the last 15 years. With our friendly, no-hassle service and informative bus conversion information, we would be glad to show you how the Motor Home Specialist experience can help you find the right RV for you, and help you drive away as a happy RV buyer.

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