Cruiser Radiance Touring

Cruiser Radiance Touring

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Radiance Touring

Cruiser Radiance Touring

Cruiser RV dealers have a specialized reputation in building affordable and lightweight travel trailers since 1988. They have built its rapport by serving their varying clientele which may include a family on a strict budget who is just getting into camping and cross-country adventures, and also those passionate and seasoned people who tour across the country all year long. Cruiser RV has a variety of models that satisfy a wide-range of consumers.

Introducing Cruiser Radiance Touring

Finally, Cruiser RV dealers have come up with a model that exceptionally blends the luxurious looks and spectacular features with a reasonable price. The Cruiser Radiance Touring has all the features that an avid RV traveler wants. From a six foot eleven inches barreled ceiling and solid hardwood raised panel cabinet doors, to decorative lighting, furniture, and designer interiors that boost residential comfort, the Cruiser Radiance Touring is equipped with it all. Additionally, the floor plan is wide and offers a large area that allows you to utilize the inner space in whatever way you desire.

Devoted Craftsmanship & Quality

The Cruiser Radiance Touring RV is a result of a dedicated craftsmanship. Cruiser RV dealers have put in their best efforts to perform according to their ethical and production standards. The RV is indeed a product resulting from superior perseverance. Personal attention is given to each tiny detail of the trailer's interior and exterior to ensure that people have a memorable traveling experience in the unit. If you feel like increasing the value of your Radiance Touring then you have the option to add facilities like a bumper mount LP BBQ grill, 15K BTU AC upgrade, and a standing table instead of the standard dinette.

Cruiser Radiance Touring's Focus on Market

Cruiser RV dealers have always stressed upon its trailers and RVs to be lightweight. This is what makes their trailers and RVs the most sought after and reputable within the RV industry. The Cruiser Radiance Touring is no exception to this standard. Its lightweight construction means that the model is half ton towable, making the Radiance Touring RV absolutely compatible with the United States' most favorite sized pickup truck, which is a huge benefit and a convenience that RV lovers hardly get from other brands.

The Cruiser Radiance Touring RV's lightweight built provides you enough room for more indoor amenities that can fit the space. Moreover, when it comes to the interior luxury, Cruiser RV doesn't fail to stun you. The RV has an entry door that's thirty inches in height. It has a double door refrigerator, steel ball bearing full extension drawer guides, queen bed, hardwood framed cabinet doors, and two-toned painted fiberglass front cap with excellent LED lighting. Cruiser RV dealers have made sure that Radiance Touring has all the comforts that one would desire in a RV.