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There was a time in the United States when you could only buy Class B and Class C motorhomes with a Ford, or Chevy chassis, and while there is certainly nothing wrong with any of them, they are not often available with a diesel engine, but now things have changed, and it is all because of the Sprinter chassis RVs.

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While the more typical Ford, and Chevy chassis have done their job and done it well, they did so with more traditional  fuel economy. This was especially an issue with fuel prices on the rise during the earl 2000's. That's when the Sprinter chassis came to the rescue.

As a diesel powered chassis, the Sprinter chassis provides incredible power, longer lifespan, and better fuel economy, truly a winning combination, and as 2001 turned into 2010 and beyond, the Sprinter chassis became available in more than just Class B RVs and moved into the Class B+ RVs, and Class C motorhomes as well.

Other advantages that Sprinter chassis RVs bring with them are available powerful anti-lock brakes and a great turning circle with optional I.F.S. You'll also enjoy the fact that the engine allows you to increase your speed quickly and take inclines at exceptional speeds.

One of the great things about owning a Sprinter chassis RV is that on top of a great chassis, you can live in comfortable and luxurious surroundings while knowing you'll be getting good gas mileage and the power and dependability you need. It is a great combination when you're on the road.

Depending on the model and options you select, you can find full bathrooms, slide-out room options, and indoor and outdoor entertainment systems. It's really up to you and what is important for you to have on the road to make you comfortable.

While the Class B RVs with the Sprinter chassis are a bit smaller, they can still provide you everything you need and have the advantage of being easy to drive and can be parked most anywhere making them great even for soccer moms wanting the best seats at the ballpark! The Class C RVs with the Sprinter chassis are larger and offer you the needed room to stretch out and simply enjoy the ride.

Regardless of whether you select the Class B or Class C RV with a Sprinter chassis, you're in for one smooth and comfortable ride, so you can hit the open road and simply enjoy.

Some of the models that utilize the Sprinter chassis at MHSRV include the following:

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