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When looking at the different types of travel trailers, you'll quickly realize, you've got a lot of options to select from. Among these options are the fifth wheel trailers. This is a great choice if you want a trailer that tows securely and allows you to easily take a personal vehicle along for the ride.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Fifth-Wheel Trailer

The major difference between a fifth-wheel trailer and the more traditional travel trailer is that the hitch is placed in the middle of a truck bed instead of at the end of a truck or larger passenger vehicle. This is similar to how hitches are used on semi-trucks, only it is smaller.

This type of hitch provides several benefits. First, to attach the hitch you simply have to back the truck up under the trailer and connect it, and you're ready to go. Also, because the hitch weight is directly over the rear tires of the truck, it is more secure than the traditional travel trailer.

In addition, due to the placement of the hitch, the overall length of the fifth-wheel travel trailer and truck is reduced in comparison to a travel trailer that utilizes a hitch at the back end of a truck without sacrificing any of the room inside the trailer. A further advantage of the placement of this hitch is that it provides better maneuverability when backing up and, at the same time, reduces the chance of jackknifing.

Like all travel trailers, the fifth-wheel travel trailer comes with many standard and optional amenities. Depending on the size you're interested in, you'll find sleeping quarters, bunk bed RV options, kitchen and living areas and a large selection of entertainment options including Toy Hauler fifth wheels. Because of this, the fifth-wheel travel trailer is a popular option for those that plan on spending a good deal of time on the road.

As with all travel trailers, the fifth-wheel has the added advantage of having your truck with you to run errands or check out the local sights without having to worry about driving a larger vehicle all of the time. That's the great thing about a fifth-wheel travel trailer. You can enjoy the comforts of home without the hassle of driving a large RV when you're simply going out to dinner or stopping by to visit with friends.

You may find the perfect fifth-wheel travel trailer from this fine selection:

Heartland Elkridge
Heartland Elkridge Extreme Light
Heartland Road Warrior Crossover
Heartland Edge Crossover
Skyline Trident

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Give us a call today to learn more about how the fifth-wheel travel trailer can make traveling for long periods of time safe and comfortable for you and your family. We're happy to explain all of the advantages and help you determine if this is the right travel trailer for you, so don't wait. Give us a call today, and then you can heed the call of the wild tomorrow. 800-335-6054

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