More About Motor Home Specialist

Motor Home Specialist's Corporate: MHSRV is very proud to have become the #1 volume selling motor home dealership in the world for U.S. built motor homes. We achieved this goal for the first time in 2013. We have worked hard every day before and since to provide a customer friendly and customer oriented facility for our guests to purchase from. We have also worked equally as hard to provide our customers with a fair price every day by discounting our new motor homes a minimum of 25% off the M.S.R.P. We believe upfront pricing is the only way to fairly price, sell and ultimately take care of our customers. By saving our customers thousands upon thousands of dollars upfront,  that in-turn saves them even more thousands upon thousands of dollars in interest charges should they finance some of their purchase.  It is for these reasons our customers come from not only our local RV buyers searching for RVs for sale by city and counties nearby, but from MHSRVers looking to save big money on RVs for sale by state, no matter what state they are from. Motor Home Specialist has sold RVs to people from all 50 states as well as from around the world. For instance, almost every coach we sell can easily be made into RVs for sale to Canada. Contact a Motor Home Specialist representative today for details on how, odds are, Motor Home Specialist can save Canadian RV buyers big money on a new or even used RV, regardless of the dollar. Look for our MHSRV advertising in national trade magazines, commercials, radio, RV shows and much more and find out firsthand how we can save you big money too. We feel that the more MHS RV dealer info you get, the more you'll want to do business with the family at Motor Home Specialist. We do not rely on our lower prices for RV sales, we also provide perhaps the largest and most diverse selection of quality RVs ever assembled at one location. You can shop approximately 135 million dollars of inventory at our massive 160 acre facility 24/7 at - Beyond the lower prices and greater selection is a family and team of people who genuinely care about their customers and appreciate their patronage and trust in MHSRV. We will work hard to make sure your delivery process is exceptional. We will go the extra mile to take care of you before, during and after the sale. We also can provide a vast array of knowledge regardless of what type or price range of motor home or RV you are shopping along with additional services like RV finance and motor home insurance to mention just a few.  For these reasons and many others Motor Home Specialist has sold RVs to great people and wonderful families around the world. Call or come by today to experience firsthand what makes Motor Home Specialist so different from our competition. Our commitment to making each customer feel welcome and at home will not change. Our commitment to provide superior customer facilities, orientations, prep and make-ready services along with the everyday low sale prices will not change either. Everyone here at Motor Home Specialist truly appreciates your visit with us and the opportunity to become your RV dealer for life. If you have any questions or concerns we can be of help with, please let us know. 800-335-6054.