RVs for Sale to Canada, RVs for Sale Canada

Hello and welcome Canadian RVers! Save a Minimum of 25% of M.S.R.P. on all new motor homes. All M.S.R.P., sale prices, etc. on MHSRV.com are shown in USD. Thank you for visiting Motor Home Specialist online. Motor Home Specialist is the #1 volume selling motor home dealership in the world and has perhaps the largest and most diverse selections of motor homes anywhere. No matter if you are shopping for a mini class c motor home a diesel pusher RV or even, the ultimate in luxury travel, the Foretravel Realm FS6 or Prevost XLII or H3-45 you will find it here at Motor Home Specialist, located just south of the Dallas Fort Worth area in Alvarado, Texas.

A huge part of our business is from out of state and out of country, specifically to Canada RV buyers. For years MHSRV has sold quality new and pre-owned RVs at incredible discounts that has made the trip to Texas worthwhile. Once you view our approximately $135 million dollars of inventory and compare our discounted prices we think you will agree. Over 160 acres of RVs at savings that can only be found at MHSRV!

Our website is updated several times a day so the information is always current. You will find our entire inventory online. Each unit will have several photos and in many cases videos and virtual tours as well. You will also find access to floor plans, specs and most anything you could want to better research your motor home of interest. The most important bit of information that you will find on our website is the actual sale prices of every RV. We do not simply post the M.S.R.P of the unit or simply the instructions to give us a call... We give you our actual sale price all year long on every new and used RV in our inventory. This is what makes it so easy to shop at Motor Home Specialist while in Canada. If you are in need of any additional information or photos you can contact one of our sales representatives and they will be glad to provide you anything you want to make your purchasing decision easier. If you are looking for a Alberta RV Dealer, British Columbia RV Dealer, Manitoba RV Dealer, or New Brunswick RV Dealer consider Motor Home Specialist with RVs for sale to Canada to be quite simply "Your RV dealer." We also have RVs for sale to Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan. Find out why so many people looking for a Quebec RV Dealer, decide rather to make the trip to Texas and save big money at Motor Home Specialist.

You may think that it is complicated to buy from such a great distance, but the team at Motor Home Specialist is very familiar with the ins-and-outs of selling and even trading an RV to Canadian RV enthusiast. Once you have decided on purchasing from Motor Home Specialist we will work with you each step of the way. If you are flying in to pick up your new RV we will have a company representative pick you up at the airport. You will fly into D/FW (Dallas Fort Worth) International Airport. You will be brought to the dealership and taken to your new RV. One of our RV technicians will greet you and begin your orientation. You will then be shown how everything works and that it is working properly. You will also have a complete RV starter kit with most anything you may need to get back home.

Once you have completed your orientation you will be taken to our finance department for the closing procedures. It is a quick and simple process. While you are finishing the paperwork your RV will be brought to the front of the dealership for you or set up in our RV camp ground here at the dealership if you wish to stay a night with us. Our delivery park has full hook ups and is available for both our new and pre-owned Canada RV customers.

If you need to trade an RV to us, there is no problem there either in most cases. A simple, but very thorough, RV trade-in form is filled out online. Your sales representative will review this information with the ownership and a trade-in value will be established. Before leaving Canada in your RV we will want to talk to your border crossing and in most cases your local DMV for up to date guidelines on taking your new RV back into Canada and or trading your existing RV in the U.S. Currently you will receive a HS7 form at the border with an original customs stamp as well as an E.P.A. document. If needed MHSRV will fax, email or Fedex any documents that may be needed by any local or national department to make sure your border crossing goes smoothly.

Many of our Canadian RV buyers take advantage of the trip and spend some time here in Texas. The Fort Worth and Dallas area has much to offer and you will also find many beautiful camp grounds and luxury RV resorts, especially in the coastal parts of Texas. We are also only minutes away from Cowboy Stadium (at&t), Ranger Stadium (The Ballpark in Arlington), Six Flags, multiple water parks, museums, historic down towns and much more.

If you are a resident of Canada, or from anywhere around the world for that matter, and you are looking for a great deal on a quality motor home the search for a Canada RV Dealer is over. Compare Motor Home Specialist's products and prices and please review our Canadian RV testimonials. You will find thousands upon thousands of testimonials from RV buyers from around the world and of course Canada as well. You will not only find testimonials about our exceptional products and savings, but our exceptional service as well. At Motor Home Specialist we pride ourselves in giving each customer a smooth RV buying experience and save them some money in the process.

Again, thank you for visiting Motor Home Specialist online. Please let us know if we can be of service. We all look forward to hearing from you soon. 800-335-6054