Motor Home Insurance

Now that you have invested in your own motor home, it is highly important that you realize the value of comprehensive motor home insurance coverage. A motor home's qualities are quite contrasting in comparison to an automobile, as it is used in a much different fashion. When things such as sleeping facilities, propane systems, appliances, attached awnings, broad ranges of electronics (that can include antennas and even satellite dishes), cooking amenities, etc. are involved, motor homes are clearly much different than the typical passenger automobile.

With that being said, the typical auto policy frequently fails to supply the special coverage that should undoubtedly be sought when securing motor home insurance. In view of the large sum invested in your new motor home, obtaining a policy that covers all areas is not something that should be overlooked. Here are ten notable areas of consideration to keep in mind when shopping for your motor home insurance policy.

Actual Cash Value vs. Cost of Replacement
Personal Property: Make Sure its Covered
Roadside Assistance & Towing Coverage
Covering Emergency Expenses
Reducing & Eliminating Deductibles
Vacation Liability
Mexico Travel Coverage
Outstanding Principal Balance Coverage
Discount Qualifications
Enhanced Claims Response and Settlement