Enhanced Claims Response and Settlement

Auto insurance companies rely heavily on publications, reminiscent of Kelley Blue Book to determine the insurable value of motor homes, but these guides do not include motor homes. Similarly, the claim adjusters more often than not rely on these volumes when determining the value of a vehicle when it comes to a case of total loss. Put yourself in the shoes of the claim adjuster who may not be familiar with motor homes, not to mention have no idea what certain upgrade features cost or how much the additional options you opted for are worth. Since he has no reference guide to fall back on, it is now up to you, the motor home policyholder, to prove the worth of your loss to the company. Hopefully the assigned adjuster will acknowledge your forms as proof of your investment, from your bill of sale to all the receipts documenting labor.

Even if the adjuster allows the documentation you provided as valid, the total erected may still come up quite short of your motor home's accurate value. This is why selecting coverage from a motor house specific company is so valuable, as having your claims processed by an individual who understands the ins and outs of motor homes and the values involved can help your remain at ease.

Impartial claim response and quick payment are invaluable to any motorist and specialty motor home insurance providers not only recognize this fact, but also strive to meet these needs. Most specialty motor home policy companies have a substantial network of claims adjusters all across the country. These adjusters, working solely with motor home coverage, are prepared to immediately take action the moment you need them.

All coverage information and explanations outlined are general and are not representative of all conditions and exclusions. All insurance coverage is dependent on the terms & conditions of the issued policies.