One minute you're cruising the open road, then you suddenly notice that there is smoke coming from your motor home. You attempt to pull over, but find it to be rougher and much more difficult than anticipated, so you get your family out of the vehicle and away from the roadway to go in for a closer look. Upon further inspection, you find that one of the wheels is wedged under a guardrail. As you study the motor home, you realize to your dismay that the damage your viewing is much worse than you thought and the motor home cannot be driven safely. So where do you go from here?

When traveling to any destination, unavoidable auto surprises of all types can occur. In the event that you require help in any of these events (tire change, fuel delivery, lock out, jumpstart), assistance is only a phone call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If the automotive situation turns out to require more than a quick fix, the cost of towing a motor home can be significant, and can fully surpass the limits set by a simple auto policy. Considering towing coverage on a motor home policy is a wise move as only certain repair shops can provide the proper services for motor homes, and not inexpensively. Towing coverage can be acquired to carry the realistic & required cost of the tow without frustrating policy limits.

All coverage information and explanations outlined are general and are not representative of all conditions and exclusions. All insurance coverage is dependent on the terms & conditions of the issued policies.