Allegro RV is located in Red Bay Alabama. Their RV Company’s history dates back to 1972. Allegro RV was one of the first to offer slide-out rooms and also an entry level diesel pusher RV. As early as 1995 Allegro RV already offered 7 slide-out room RV floor plan variations. They also offered 2 diesel pusher RVs that featured a 230 HP and 250 HP diesel engines.

By 1999 Allegro RV offered 26 floor plan and engine variations. The Allegro Bus was the diesel pusher RV, the Allegro and the Allegro Bay were primarily class A gas motor homes.

In 2000 Allegro RV offered its first true high end luxury diesel the Zephyr. The Allegro Zephyr was a 42’ single slide that featured a massive 450 HP diesel engine.

In 2001 Allegro RV unveiled one of its most popular models the Allegro RV Phaeton.

The 2005 model Allegro RVs were the first to offer 4 slide-out rooms. There was a 4 slide Allegro Bus, Allegro RV Phaeton and a 4 slide Allegro RV Zephyr. These diesel pusher RVs from Allegro were powered by a 350 HP, 400 HP or massive 500 HP diesel engine.

By 2008 the Allegro Bus, Allegro RV Phaeton and the Zephyr were offered only in quad slide floor plans. Allegro RV also offered several class A gas RVs and even front engine diesel RVs better know as FREDs. 2009 offered much of the same including 19 different Allegro Bus engine and floor plan variations.

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