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Hello residents from the great state of Alaska. We're sure you already know that Alaska is one of the most popular destinations for RVers to travel to, but what you might not know is that Motor Home Specialist in Texas is one of the most popular destinations of RV buyers from Alaska!

Motor Home Specialist is family owned and operated. We are the #1 volume selling RV dealership in Texas and one of the largest volume selling dealerships anywhere in the United States. A huge part of business success has come from selling RVs to Alaskan residents and to customers from around the world. You will find an enormous selection of new and used RVs at Motor Home Specialist and our big volume discount pricing will make the trip from Alaska to Texas very worth while.

While on our website you will find our complete and current inventory. It is updated daily and has several photos of each unit. Each coach is photographed here at the dealership and no stock photos are used from the manufacturers. You will also find virtual tours and videos for many of our units as well floor plans, specs and much more. Something else that really makes it easy to shop on our site is that each motor home is clearly priced. You do not have to call the dealer to try and find out what the price is. We simply give the information you need upfront to know if you are interested in buying an RV from Motor Home Specialist.

If you need to trade something in on your next RV there is no problems with doing that at Motor Home Specialist. You can fill out a trade-in form while in Alaska and send it to us simply by clicking the “trade-in form link on our website. Once we have your information we can establish a trade-in value of your RV “sight unseen. It's easy and we can save you big money on your RV at Motor Home Specialist.

If you will be flying in to pick up your new RV you will fly into Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. We will have a representative pick you up at the airport and bring you to your RV. Your motor home will be completely prepped and made ready before your arrival. A tech will walk you through your unit and show you how to both operate and show you that everything is working properly. You will also have a complete RV starter kit in the motor home as well as several other useful items we provide you with.

Once we have completed the demonstration of your new RV and you have finished your easy closing process you are welcome to stay in our RV delivery park. It's great if you want to stay and make sure you understand everything before venturing out or simply want to get some rest after your flight from Alaska. It is also incredibly convenient for our Alaska buyers who are trading in an old RV. We can park you old RV next to your new RV so it's easy to move things from one coach to the other. You will have 50 amp service for your trade-in and full hook-ups for your new unit.

If RV finance is something that you are interested in we can help too. You can simply fill out a secure credit application online and usually within hours we will have an approval for you. Please feel free to contact a representative if you have questions about current loan information.

Thank you once again for visiting Motor Home Specialist online. We all look forward to hearing from you soon. Texas RVs for sale to Alaska at incredibly low prices everyday, that's Motor Home Specialist. Once you get your RV from MHSRV visit Alaska RV Park. If you have any questions for us that can make your purchasing decision easier please let us know. 800-335-6054